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Boosting Trust and Reliability: TalkRemit's Rebranding Journey

TalkRemit is a secure, low-cost platform for money transfers abroad. It offers quick, secure delivery and an instant chat service to make the process easy for users. To help further establish their brand and differentiate them from competitors, TalkRemit engaged us for a full branding project.

How we helped

We created a new brand identity for TalkRemit, including a new logo, custom illustrations, a color scheme, and icons. he color scheme for TalkRemit was carefully chosen to convey the brand's values and personality. The strong, clean purple used throughout the brand's visual identity represents reliability and trust. This color choice references the financial sector and signifies stability, which is particularly important in the context of money transfers. We also designed a new website that showcases the brand's offerings and differentiates them from other money transfer platforms.

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