Building a Secure and User-Friendly Payment Experience

Finwerk helped Paylit, a licensed EMI offering payment services, to enhance their brand identity and improve their digital wallet interface. Paylit provides simple, fast, and low-fee payment services and payment collecting services for online stores.

How we helped

Finwerk assisted Paylit in creating a modern digital wallet interface and branding that would reflect their brand values and objectives. We worked closely with Paylit to build a digital wallet that was both user-friendly and secure, ensuring that customers' financial information was protected while they made payments.

We built the digital wallet we always dreamed of having - simple, secure, and innovative

Branding guidelines and corporate Identity

The color scheme chosen for Paylits branding is dominated by a green-cyan, dark blue, and orange for contrast. The green-cyan symbolizes growth, stability, and reliability, while the dark blue represents professionalism and trust. The orange contrast highlights the innovative and modern aspect of the brand. The overall color scheme and the brand's visual identity were developed to reflect the brand's values of simplicity, security, and innovation.

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