Revolutionizing Trading with is a decentralized hybrid exchange that is revolutionizing the decentralized Finance industry. With its unique combination of security and speed, the platform has quickly gained popularity among traders and investors.

How we helped

Finwerk was engaged by to elevate their brand, design, and product to match the cutting-edge technology that the platform offers.

With usability being a major concern in this innovative sector, our team worked tirelessly to design a user-friendly interface that not only made sense but also introduced new concepts without overwhelming traders. The result is a seamless and accessible trading experience, brought to you by Finwerk for

We understand the importance of customization and efficiency when it comes to trading. That's why we created the ultimate trading interface for, complete with three dynamic themes for day, night, and blue mode. Let your personality shine through as you choose the perfect look and feel for your trading environment.

But that's not all – we also made it possible for traders to execute trades in an instant with a keyboard shortcuts feature. No more wasting time navigating through menus, trade smarter and faster with the innovative interface.

A dynamic symbol of growth, power, and new opportunities: Referencing candle charts the logo embodies the cutting-edge technology of

Branding guidelines and corporate Identity

The color scheme chosen for's brand identity was a combination of various dark blue tones, which referenced the name of the platform ( The use of blue in the color scheme conveys a sense of stability, trust, and reliability, which are critical attributes for a trading platform.

The blue tones were carefully selected to complement the other elements of the brand identity, including the logo, illustrations, and custom icons, to create a cohesive and recognizable brand image for

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