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How Finwerk Helped Addity Establish Its B2B Payments Platform

Finwerk helped Addity, a Dutch B2B Payments Platform, to establish its brand, website, and all other brand assets. Addity enables licensed institutions to add new payment methods with ease and scale-up their businesses by offering modern payment solutions at low risk. The platform supports PSPs and software providers in adding new revenue streams through the integration of payment links.

How we helped

Our team worked closely with Addity to establish the brand and create a strong corporate identity. This involved setting up the website and website development, as well as creating custom illustrations and other brand assets. Our goal was to create a visual identity that accurately reflects Addity's mission and values, and effectively communicates its unique value proposition to its target audience.

Working with Addity on the establishment of their brandwas a fulfilling experience for us, as we had the opportunity to contribute to a solution that is driving innovation and efficiency in the world of payments, and empowering businesses to scale and succeed in new ways.

Branding guidelines and corporate Identity

The brand's color scheme is a strong orange paired with various shades of black and grey. The orange symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and a forward-thinking approach, while the black and grey provide a stable and professional backdrop. The color scheme effectively balances Addity's innovative and modern approach with its commitment to stability and professionalism.

Our team worked with Addity to create a brand strategy that would effectively communicate the platform's unique value proposition to its target audience. This involved identifying key differentiators, defining the brand's tone of voice, and creating a messaging framework that accurately reflects Addity's mission and values.

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