A dynamic team of creative people with innovative minds

Who we are

We combine a deep understanding of Financial Services and Blockchain technology with our creative applications. Over the years we have initiated several projects under our own brand to decentralise the niche services offered within the technological ecosystem.

We want to be proud of every product we deliver always aiming at creating something that is truly unique! Precise and transparent process flows severely simplify communication and cooperation between us and your creative leads.

We are our own worst critic, setting ourselves the highest standards.

PAOLO BERNEWITZ Creative Director at Finwerk

Our team is eager to deliver
all your needs! We will always
do our best to excel expectations.

Our fields of expertise cover almost every aspect of creative thinking.
In the event that we cannot provide an immediate qualitative response we will then escalate and refer your requirements to our senior consultants for resolution.


Design Development Marketing Strategy

Project Scope

We help to identify the goals of your project and begin with basic research. Every successful project requires a very strong understanding of the target audience and industry.


Baseline Evaluation, Branding Research, Industry Analysis
and Strategic Planning, Production Planning

Work flow

Concept Visualization

After an in-depth research phase, the creative phase begins. As a first step, each team member throws out their ideas and visions for the project. We collect all ideas and discuss the various options. Then we compile our ideas and explain our thought process. At this point, we will present our proposal and gather your feedback.


Collective Brainstorming, Consolidation, Mood Board Creation / Inspiration, Proposal, Feedback

Design sprints

User Testing

After implementing your Feedback and delivering the first results we go through intensive user testing. User testing is one of the most important aspects of our project flow and the best way to gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.


Prototyping, Usability Testing, Eye Tracking, Interviews, & Focus Groups & A/B Testing

Products shouldn’t only work but should be exiting to use. We follow a user-centric approach!

OLEG MELNYKOV Head of Design at Finwerk

Company values